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by Concierge Matcher on April 11, 2011

Fendi perfumeLovely Fantasme for women by Ted Lapidus was launched in 2009 as a reinterpretation of the classic Fantasme from 1992. The aroma here is younger and more loaded with creamy floral tones, whereas the bottle changes the intense orange tone of the box and the liquid of the original for a pink color, which is more classic and romantic.

The opening is quite feminine, almost entirely dominated by freesia, and other pink florals, all mounted on an almost “shy” sweet base with indefinite fruity qualities, probably peach, for its neutral aroma. In the middle phase, many of the florals of the opening are still there, with an increase in intensity of the creamy side, a little like Dreaming by Hilfiger, but sweeter. The floral notes here are of osmanthus and frangipani, with traces of damascus flower. After about 30 minutes, the aroma has more personality, with a sudden, very strong note of caramel, which will only last a couple of minutes, but long enough to remind of Fendi perfume for women Palazzo. After caramel is gone a distinct note of resin emerges, although this Lovely Fantasme  remains a spring fragrance. The rest of the fragrance will remain for the most part the same, with a stronger presence of florals in the end, in the form of peony and musk.

Although the creamy floral notes have become quite popular in the young segment of feminine perfumery in the last years (on example for all would be Heiress perfume by Paris Hilton), it still manages to stand out, with a wide enough trail in the environment around. Both in the office and after work, it will be at ease in semi-informal situations, for younger women (the ideal age would be between 20 and 50), it would also work in formal occasions like weddings. On the romantic side, it will help establish a situation of intimacy, although it lacks of specifically seductive notes.

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