Gold Dress Shoes

by Concierge Matcher on April 6, 2011

Gold dress shoesThere are several ladies gold shoes that still remain popular until today and have reigned in these shoe charts of most shoe traders for a long time. These are the gold dress shoes which are classically designed that even the most critical buyer would opt to choose them among the best dress shoes on the shoe shelves, because gold shoes are shoes for all occasions and good to be paired with any type of dress be it jeans or the most formal dress you have in your closet. Gold dress shoes are the choice of most ladies as they would no longer worry which type of dress shoes would come fairly and perfectly fit to match the best dress they would wear.

There are different designs of these gold shoes which are the women’s apple of their eyes and the most common and popular are the gladiator sandals which were copied from the ancient style of shoes worn by gladiators and Romans during the ancient times. They are the best fit during summer months and would go for any kind of occasions both formal and less formal. If you would trace the history of these gladiator sandals, back then these were designed for women and were made of pure gold. These were worn by women in great stature in society in Egypt and this tradition made these gold shoes even more popular during those times and even today.

These gold shoes resemble more of the slippers than shoes and they were also designed as an accessory for the feet rather its primary function of protecting them, and they were hand made of pure gold thread and were spun from genuine gold. Only women of the elite society were adorned with these type of gold slippers which have transformed into the now popular gold sandal shoes though no longer made of pure gold.

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