Breast Augmentation Surgery

by Concierge Matcher on April 8, 2011

breast augmentation recoveryBreast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures out there which make cosmetic surgery prices competitive. This is also the reason why more information and facts are gathered about the possible complications that this procedure have especially for the procedure that entails the placement of breast implants. And probably the most common complications that this procedure has are the capsular contracture.

Capsular contracture happens when the adjacent tissues hardens around the breast implants. This may occur anytime during the breast augmentation recovery but is more likely to happen during the first couple of months after the procedure. The scars will encapsulate the implants which will afterwards tighten and harden. The procedure will make the breasts look unnatural and will even cause discomfort to the patient.

In the medical world, they refer to the Baker Grading System which has the four (4) grades for the capsular contracture. The Grade 1 capsular contracture may be said to occur when the implants may still look natural as the breasts is still soft to feel and look. The capsular contracture is said to be in Grade 2 when the breasts will slightly feel firm but will still look natural. The Grade 3 capsular contracture on the other hand is set to be characterized by the breasts looking unnatural and already feels firm. Then the last Grade 4 capsular contracture already happened when the breasts already looks abnormal and the breast implants are hard and already causing pain.  Depending on the situation, the patient may undergo a secondary procedure when they are experiencing the Grades 2 to 4 of capsular contracture.

The cause of it from happening is not really certain yet however, other complications may happen because of it. It may include the likelihood to have bacterial infection or for the patient to have blood clots or hematoma.

The risk of it from happening may be reduced by doing certain surgical techniques during its placement. It is also said to be more possible for patients who smokes although it may still occur to patients who are non-smokers or who stopped smoking before and after the procedure.

Soft breast massages is said to alleviate the risk for capsular contracture from happening. However, it may require some special techniques so ask your surgeon first before doing it to avoid more complications from happening.

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