Why Choose Tungsten Carbide Diamond Wedding Bands

by Concierge Matcher on May 20, 2010

Tungsten Carbide Diamond Wedding BandsTungsten carbide has developed a large base of loyal enthusiasts among engaged couples searching for the most permanent expression of their love.

Because of its extreme hardness, and a permanent polish almost impossible to scratch, this material is replacing other metals such as titanium as the most practical choice.  Manufactured at extremely high heats, the durability of this compound is unmatched in any other wedding band metal.

Creating a Ring with Permanent Polish

Forged in heat as high as 3400 degrees Celsius, tungsten and carbide are combined in the form of powder to make this metal.  The characteristic ever-lasting polish is created by taking the resulting metal and using a rubbing compound containing diamonds.  Although the shine is supposed to be permanent, there are specific instructions on how not to clean the ring, as certain chemicals can tarnish it.

Its unique composition is like ceramic and under the right forces, is vulnerable to cracking.  It should not be exposed to ultrasonic machines, or blows from a hard object.  In emergency situations, this is a positive, allowing the ring to be cracked for removal.

In order to create the circle of metal, the carbide and tungsten powder are melded under high pressure until the shape is attained.  This blank is then interred in high heat as described above, and because of the nature of its ingredients, the finished ring will not bend.  A pure example of this metal contains no cobalt, as it can react unfavorably with the oils in our skin and tarnish the polish of the metal band.

Additional Information

Diamonds are the only material harder than the combination of tungsten and carbide, so it is fitting for the two to be combined into tungsten carbide diamond wedding bands.  Diamonds are usually set in a softer metal such as white or yellow gold, which is poured into the pressure created groove of the band.

Proper care of the metal includes the following advice:

-Use only mild soap and water, if necessary, when cleaning it.

-Never allow harsh chemical cleaners to be used on it.

-Do not take it to be cleaned by an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.

Choose a wedding band made from tungsten and carbide, and it should look new for the rest of your life.

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