Renovate your home as you age

by Concierge Matcher on October 22, 2010

Linda and Robert Wallace loved their small, modest and conventional home located at a pleasant neighborhood on the eastern shoreline of Hoover Reservoir. But as they grew older, the couple both in their late sixties started to feel more uneasy of the 16 precipitous steps to the two bedrooms and single bathroom and the descents into the crammed, worn out cellar to do laundry. They were certain that if they wished to stay in this house, they should make the necessary modifications before it is too late.

With that in mind, the Wallaces immediately reached out to the Collamore Built Remodeling Company based in Upper Arlington to remodel their home so that they can live here as they age without trouble.

According to AARP, 89% of people older than 50, wish to reside in their own homes rather than old age homes. In 2002, AARP, in cooperation with the National Association of Home Builders, launched a three-day seminar program for builders to get certified as aging-in-place specialists. Till now about 3,000 contractors have finished the program and the significance is growing day by day even in areas such asCincinnati homes for sale.

As per homebuilders group, 75% of remodelers have witnessed a rise in aging-in-place work. Moreover, nearly all undertakings like setting up grab rods in bathrooms, installing elevated toilets and broadening doorways are reasonably priced and easily accomplished.

The Wallaces with a vague plan of what they required in their home contacted Justin Collamore during the beginning of last fall season. Collamore had carried out some small alterations in their home in the past. “Justin just presented us with all the possibilities. He drew up a plan and we loved it.” Linda Wallace said.

The main portion of the design is a 20-by-30-foot addition with lower level that doubles the house size. The plan adds a foot room (17-by-21) on the main floor of the home that the couple will use as a lounge till they require it as a bedroom, a lower-level suite that can house guests or a live-in caretaker if needed and a first floor laundry room.

The plan also reallocates the driveway to the backside of the house, lowering the distance from the vehicle to the house. It widens nearly all the internal entryways to 36 inches – sufficient to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. It eliminates a restriction into the new bath stand thus allowing showers to be taken even in a wheelchair. Most of all, the plan suggests to utilize natural daylight and artificial light.

Collamore commenced this $160,000 project in April and completed it this month. The Wallaces are pleased and confident that their money was used in a good way. Linda Wallace said “We feel we’ve added so much to the value of our house. If we can stay here and not move to a retirement center, it’s a better use of our money”.

Buyers in the Cincinnati area real estate market looking for the perfect home to grow old in can ask their realtor to show them homes with minimal stairs, such as a rancher style home. Finding a proper layout can save you thousands of dollars in renovations later down the road.

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