Overseas Adventure Travel with a Panama Tour

by Concierge Matcher on April 2, 2011

overseas adventure travelEl Valle de Anton or Anton Valley is a magical place.  This small town located in the Cocle Province, less than two hours from Panama City, has many attraction for visitors.
The fact that the place is nestled in the crater of a gigantic extinct volcano, makes it a mystical experience to visit it.
The trip between the Pan-American Highway to El Valle is less than 30 kilometers and it is a fun ride through the mountains, where visitors can contemplate amazing views and landscapes.
As vehicles approach El Valle, volcanic rocks can be seen all around; these are the silent witnesses of a violent past…
When we entered El Valle’s main road our guide told us about the mountain in front of us:  it had the shape of a sleeping woman!  It looked like someone had carved the hills to make it look like that.  The name of the mountain was “The sleeping Indian”.
This was a very nice Panama tour.  The place was gorgeous, the temperature was very pleasant and there were many things on our “to do” list for that day.  We went to the famous market where crafters from the surrounding towns sell their work; here we also saw the most fresh vegetables and fruits.  Then we went to our main event, the Canopy Adventure, where we zip lined from tree to tree passing by a huge waterfall.  After that we visited the hot springs where we took a mud bath good for our skin.  We ended the day with a visit to El Nispero Zoo, a place with local and foreign animal species.
The fact that we could do all this and return to Panama City the same day was very appealing for our group.  We needed to be at the city early next day and it was amazing to have this overseas adventure travel so near of a big city!
As we were leaving El Valle, I turned my head to see the Sleeping Indian one more time… I was leaving for now, but I knew I had to return to that place.  Maybe next time I would wake her up.

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