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by Concierge Matcher on April 9, 2011

Log Cabin Holidays DirectoryLog cabins make an incredible self catering accommodation. They offer liberty and freedom on a holiday in a serene calm environment. The top five reasons for the popularity of log cabins are listed.


No other self catering holiday accommodation is set in such fantastic locations. Log cabins are situated in all sorts of places ranging from secluded little woods to river and loch side locations. The materials that they are made of seem to blend with the surrounding scenery making them a pleasure to visit. After rains the fragrance of wet bamboo spreads in the log cabin giving at a soft rustic touch.


In United Kingdom, most of the log cabins were built in the last decade. They are new, clean and overall quality of cabins is excellent. The holiday cottages are not even comparable to log cabins.


The facilities are exceptional even in the most basic log cabins. Some of the cabins are  equipped with all the modern facilities of home: a dishwasher, fully furnished kitchen, outside BBQ, DVD player, flat screen TV. Some offer relaxing hot tubs on the balcony. The real top of the range cabins come with a wii or other games console – great to keep the kids occupied and happy.


Log cabins are available in wide variety. Vacationers can find a log cabin that will match their budget. And holidaymakers who visit in winters can grab very tempting bargains.

Pet Friendly

Most log cabins allow tourist to keep their pets in log cabins. Most other accommodations either do not allow dogs or charge some extra fee for them. In log cabins tourists could enjoy with their pets at no extra cost. This makes yet another reason for their growing demand.

If you are planning a holiday visit Log Cabin Holidays Directory. It has a list of holiday sites throughout the UK.

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