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by Concierge Matcher on December 1, 2011

Slow PCIt happens to all PC and as much as we do not want to it is inevitable. As time pass by, you realize that your computer is getting slower and slower until you have come to a point in time that it needs to be repaired or decide to buy a new one. Slow PC happens for many reasons such as too much files that are needed stored, many viruses and spywares, corrupted registry or malfunction in hardware. Whatever the reason, this should be address immediately to avoid other problems. So what are the solutions for PC problems? Here are some solution tips to answer you slow PC problem:

First, do a defragmenting of your hard disk. This is the easiest way to energize your hard drive. As time pass by, your computer will store files on your hard disk in an inefficient manner. When you defragment your hard disk, it will arrange the file in an organize manner and put them to the right storage. At least it will make your files neat and may lessen the problem of getting slow computer.

Second, install anti-virus and spyware prevention to keep your computer safe from the harmful applications such as viruses and spywares. These little programs can do harm on your computer like they will make some files corrupted. That is why we need some prevention, a program that could delete them and for PC problems

Lastly, your computer’s registry might be corrupted. If your registry is not well-maintained, in some point, it will be corrupted. The computer registry is a very important part of a computer. It is where all the activities you have done on your computer are registered such as installing and uninstalling software. Once it is corrupted, some of your files will not run properly. That is why it is important that it should always be clean and maintained.

These are just few solutions for PC problems. You can read and find more in the internet.

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