Frequent Doberman Potty Training Questions Answered

by Concierge Matcher on April 14, 2010

DobermanNew Doberman owners could be jittery in house training their dogs. To ease out some of your stress, here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding Doberman Potty training.

Is it possible to keep my yard green when I get a Doberman?

Yes, you could keep a green yard and a beautiful garden even when you have 2 or 3 Dobermans running at home. The technique there is to properly train your dog regarding their potty habits. Allot them a small spot of your garden that would serve as their “bathroom” for them to get accustomed. This will avoid them getting into your mowed grass and flowers.

Is it Normal to have occasional accidents?

Yes, it is normal to have occasional accidents, especially in the first few days of your potty training. Watch over your dog’s whereabouts during the training. Once they are about to squat on your carpet take them out to their potty area immediately before it soils the floor. Remember not to punish your Doberman in cases of accidents.

My Doberman does not want to Poop on his Potty area, what should I do?

Dogs can be picky sometimes. You have to check your potty area if it is appropriate. Make sure that your chosen potty area is away from where you feed your dog and where he sleeps. Doberman does not like to soil their “kitchen” and “bedroom” area.

I don’t like the place where he Potties, what should I do?

In this case, you have to potty train your dog again. If you do not like the area, clean it thoroughly with baking soda and strong detergent. These will take the stench off the place and discourage your Doberman to use that area. Then, leash your dog outside to where you want him to potty, or take them there every time it is his bathroom time.

How do I stop my Doberman from accidentally pooping on his crate?

Make sure that before do Doberman crate training , it has already done his potty. Do not leave your dog there for long period of times. Even when you are out for work for 8 hours, somebody should be around to take your Doberman out of his crate to feed him and for potty.

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