Dog Pet Sitting and Cat Sitting

by Personal Assistant on March 4, 2010

Pets are happiest when they are at home, their diet and exercise routine are the same, and they are surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. We make your life easier by being responsible for both your pet and your home.

A customized Pet Sitting & Pet Walking service allows you’re pet to remain in the comfort and security of their own home eliminating the trauma of being transported and minimizing exposure to illnesses of other animals are certainly additional advantages to the owner and pet alike.

  • Services can be tailored to your pet; we’ll want to know the important routines in your pet’s day such as eating, sleeping, walking or playing.
  • All the major and minor health problems your pet may have.
  • Detailed information on any medication as well as your desires in case of emergency.
  • Favorite toys are, or favorite chew toy
  • Where your pet’s favorite hiding places are

Let us spoil your pet while your away!

  • Pet Sitting, Pet walking or play with your pet
  • Administer medication as directed
  • Clean small animal cages as directed
  • Feeding and Filling Water
  • Administering your pets medications
  • Changing Litter/Clean up pet accidents
  • Daily log of how your pet is doing (email updates available on request)
  • Pet Sitting

Taking care of your Home too:

  • Bringing in the mail/newspaper, packages
  • Water indoor plants
  • Set out the trash for pick up and set trash cans back when empty
  • Turn on and off lights/radios/TV/turn up or down shades for a lived in look

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