For a Successful Holiday Party, Plan The Food, Party Lighting, Etc in Advance

by Concierge Matcher on November 9, 2010

holiday partyAre you hosting a party over the holiday season? We are entering a six week period during which many parties will be held. The first significant party occasion is Thanksgiving. There will be Thanksgiving parties all over the country. Within days of cleaning up after the Thanksgiving feast, the Christmas parties will commence. There will be office Christmas parties, school Christmas parties, neighborhood Christmas parties, and family Christmas parties not to mention Christmas Day gatherings. Seven days day the grand daddy of all parties is held, namely New Years Eve.

While all of these parties will be slightly different (have you heard of Christmas sweater parties?), there are some threads of commonality running through all the different parties. These common elements include guest lists, invitations, decorations, outdoor lighting, food and drink. Each of these common elements seems relatively basic but each requires an amount of planning. For obvious reasons the guest list and the invitations must be the first matters attended to. Try to create your guest list at list 4 weeks prior to the party and make sure your invitations are extended at least three weeks before your party. It is a busy time of the year and people need to find babysitters or even juggle invitations.

You should start planning your menu a good two weeks prior to the party. Nonperishable products can and should be purchased in advance. These items include most beverages and items such as crackers, and frozen foods. You should source the perishable items in advance as well. At this point, determine whether you need to rent glassware and, if so, place your order.

At approximately 10 days before your party, start to think about decorations. Add some sparkle to your party by adding some specialty indoor or outdoor lighting. Party decorations can be simple or elaborate but make sure there is some holiday spirit in your decorations. A simple way to decorate is to use party string lights. These lights can be found in any hardware store.

Putting some effort into planning your party will ensure the party runs smoothly and is a success. Last but not least, on the evening of your party make sure you have turned on your outside lighting. Nobody likes coming up to a dark house!  Happy holidays.

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