What You Can Expect From A Good Stand Mixer

by Concierge Matcher on November 5, 2010

Good Stand MixerAre you looking to buy a new stand mixer? Maybe you haven’t had one before and want to make your life a little bit easier by buying a utensil that has so many different functions that you will be lost for things to do without it. In this article we are going to be talking about the different things you can make with your stand mixer and how it will make cooking for hours simply vanish. Read on and you could be looking at the next best stand mixer in no time.

OK so if you want to find a good stand mixer then you will already see that you have a need for it. Those hours spent whisking and kneading can be reduced thanks to the purchase of a stand mixer. So now you know why you are buying one, what are you going to look for? Well the first thing to consider is the power of the motor. If you want to knead dough all day long then you are going to want at least a 300 watt motor. There are usually several speed settings on stand mixers but you want to aim for a mixer with at least 10 speeds. This will make pretty much all jobs easy such as whisking egg whites, blending ingredients together and actually kneading your dough. Another thing to look for is the accessories that come with the mixer. You want at least three attachments and these should include a wire whisk for whisking ingredients, a flat beater for mixing ingredients and a dough hook for churning up dough. All of these attachments should be made from high quality stainless steel and should all be dishwasher friendly.

You also need to look for a mixer where the arm lifts up and the bowl detaches. You will think this is unnecessary to start with but when you come to actually using the mixer, you will see that this is invaluable as you lift out a bowl full of ingredients and pour it straight into the cake tin. If you really don’t know where to start when looking for your new stand mixer then why not read the kitchenaid ksm150 review which will point you in the right direction of functions and additions to look for. All Kitchenaid products are very good value for money and the ksml150 in particular is the most popular and most efficient domestic stand mixer.

You will also find lots of useful tips by reading through home products reviews and reports which can recommend their favorite mixers so why not take a look online at some now and see if any take your fancy and meet your needs when it comes to a new stand mixer?

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