Using Curtains To Create A Country Kitchen Effect

by Concierge Matcher on November 7, 2010

Country KitchenAny kitchen can become a “Country Kitchen” with just a few changes in the decorating scheme. One of the fastest ways to get the country look is to add Café Style curtains in a gingham or plaid pattern, usually with a ruffle or lace trim. Bright and cheery curtains can perk up a dull kitchen quickly and inexpensively.

Although 100% cotton used to be the traditional fabric for curtains, today’s version is more likely to be a polyester and cotton blend. These new blended fabrics are much easier to care for – machine washable & dryable, with little to no ironing needed. They will continue looking crisp and clean day after day with no effort on your part.

Simple red and blue gingham curtains have been staples in country kitchens for decades. Whether they have lace or ruffle trim, they will instantly add charm to an otherwise plain window. The beauty of the café style of curtain is that it is adaptable to any situation. You can leave them closed to block the sun, or an undesirable view, or you can tie them back with a variety of different things: matching sashes with big bows, a simple color coordinated ribbon or cord, or a strand of bright beads.

If you have close neighbors and you’d like to completely block the view, you can hang solid color sheers, then hang some bright café panels over them. This way, you can have the look you want inside your kitchen, but still obscure the view from the outside.

Curtains may very well be the easiest, least expensive way to update your kitchen décor. If you would like to redo your kitchen, but you have a tight budget, you can replace one element, such as the curtains, at a time to lesson the financial strain.

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