The Basics of Over the Sink Shelves for Kitchens

by Concierge Matcher on November 18, 2010

over the sink shelvesKitchen shelves are the basic platforms of kitchen organization.  They can either be open shelves on the wall, or those assembled to occupy the insides of cabinets, drawers and pantries.  Nowadays, they are often seen in famous chefs’ kitchens as they showcase their culinary expertise on television.  As with any other kitchen item, their common ground revolves around these three basic choices of raw material – plastic, wood or stainless steel.  Plastic kitchen shelves are obviously going to be the cheapest, but they usually lack the style and durability that wooden kitchen shelves offer.  In terms of esthetics, wood or stainless steel shelf choices are usually going to be your best bet.  The natural ridges and patterns in wood give the shelves a nice appearance.  A stainless steel shelf is good for kitchens that want a sleek, modern look.  The good thing about choosing stainless kitchen shelves is that they are easy to keep clean and sanitary, which is important in the kitchen.

One of the best solutions in the kitchen is to get what are called over the sink shelves.  These little shelves sit right over the shelf against the wall.  They are great for putting little plants and pictures, and also do a wonderful job of drying things like mugs or a coffee flask, since the water will drain right into the sink.

The usual kitchen shelf is usually an open ledge installed in a layer of two for storage and organization.  They can also be in the form of a separate kitchen rack that can take floor or countertop space.  However, although its main aim is to organize, the open design gives the eyes a lot to see and this can potentially become an eyesore.    If you are going to install kitchen shelves, it is a good idea to have them kept orderly.

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