How To Use Your Electric One Touch Can Opener

by Concierge Matcher on November 5, 2010

one touch can openerSo you are fed up with the pre-historic manual tin can opener you have had since your first day at University. We all seem to cherish these first kitchen utensils that accompanied us going out into the world on our own for the first time. However there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and replace that much loved can opener that has seen you though many a domestic crisis. You could have gone for a direct replacement but you saw the advert  for the Culinare one touch can opener and it looked so easy and safe to use.

How To Operate a One Touch Tin Can Opener

  1. After ensuring the electric one touch can opener has some batteries or is fully charged, gently put it on top of the can so that the rim of the can is in the groove of the can opener. If the tin can has a ring pull turn the can over so you open it from the base. This is particularly a good idea when opening a can of beans as the beans will come out of the tin easier as all the sauce usually accumulates at the bottom of the can
  2. Ensuring the can is on a flat surface, gently press the start button until the electric can opener starts to operate. The can opener will stop automatically after a specified length of operation. If you opening a particularly large can then press the button again to complete the circumference of the can.
  3. Once the cutting is complete lift the opener up and the lid should come away with the opener with the aid of the built in magnet. The lid should have no sharp edges and can be disposed safely in your recycling bin.

Now you have used your can opener for the first time you will be looking for every opportunity to impress your friends with your new gadget.  In fact a long with your 4 slice toaster, beans on toast will never be easier.

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