Glass Tile Backsplash as an Option

by Concierge Matcher on February 20, 2011

glass tile backsplash


A tile backsplash is one of the most common kitchen decorating ideas because of the way it greatly enhances the look of the kitchen. Not only will your kitchen look brighter, but the styles that are available give you the chance to really personalize the appearance of your kitchen. Aside from this there are also a number of glass tile backsplash designs that will make your kitchen look even more modern, and since these tiles are made of glass you won’t have to worry as much about scratch marks. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, here are some kitchen backsplash design ideas that you can consider for your home.

Mosaic designs- These are some of the most common designs that people will do with their kitchen backsplash. Mosaic means creating a picture or scenery out of the different colors of tiles that are available and since a backsplash will usually have many shades of color you can be assured that whatever design you want can be accomplished fairly easily.

Bronze designs- Although tile backsplashes are already a design in itself, you can enhance it even more by adding bronze plates. These plates are also available in stores that sell tiles as they are normally added to the tiles for certain motifs. The best tile colors to use with bronze are dark brown and black.

Geometric patterns- Although tile backsplashes are commonly seen as small cubes they actually come in many different designs. You can mix and match the small and large tiles to create a geometric pattern that will easily catch the eye.

Collage- There are some tile backsplashes that are made of resin and this type of tiles is soft–making it possible to embed some objects right into it. If you are more on the creative side you can embed some interesting things to create a unique collage. You can embed it in such a way that the collage will look like it’s in 3D by using a clear tile resin.

Mirror- This type of kitchen backsplash design is ideal for those who have a small kitchen area. There are backsplashes that are mirrored so that when it is installed in the kitchen you will not only have a nice wall but also a mirror. The mirror will automatically make the kitchen look bigger as well as making it appear cleaner.

Tile backsplashes are quite easy to install in the kitchen. If you have some home improvement skills you can even do it yourself and save the extra expense of having a professional to do it for you. Visit Home and Garden Savvy for more great ideas for the home.

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