Heat Detectors for Home Security Systems

by Concierge Matcher on February 15, 2011

home security systemsA heat detector is a device that reacts to sudden changes in ambient temperature.  It may use mechanical temperature sensing element attached to a switch  If a normal temperature rises beyond the set threshold, an alarm notification is triggered.  In premises that use sprinkler systems, water will be splattered to extinguish the fire. This device is usually activated by the melting of an element made of fusible metal alloy that reads the increase or decrease of temperature. It also contains a component  called spring loader plunger or spring –loaded switch actuator  that is connected to a normal temperature level  aided by a conductor that allows a spring conductor to return to its normal state.

Heat detectors are classified according to its activation.  The rate of rise (ROR) heat detectors responds to the sudden change of temperature from a predetermined level.  An alarm is activated if the temperature exceeds 47 degrees Celsius   providing individuals a greater time to vacate. It can automatically reset on its own as it reads the fall of the temperature. The fix temperature heat detector responds when ambient temperature reaches a fixed point of 58 degree Celsius in a small area. Aside from its capability of sensing a possible fire, it can also be used as a watcher for storage rooms, by setting it to lower level to notify owners if the room is in its ideal temperature, serving its purpose.

Heat detectors should never be misinterpreted as smoke detector.  Smoke detectors detect any type of smoke while the latter identifies what type of smoke in the air associated with sudden change of heat. However, both can be incorporated into various home security systems. It is always recommended to check the functionality of the device. It can be tested using various sources of  heat like infrared lamps, hair dryer or hot air  guns.

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