Dummy CCTV Cameras Deterring Crime At Home

by Concierge Matcher on February 2, 2011

Dummy CCTV CamerasIt is nearly impossible to turn on the news, and not see a story about a crime involving a family returning home only to find they have been burglarized, and their belongings looted. At times the news story is much worse. The family is at home when an intruder compromises the locks and doors, and they are now the victims of a home invasion robbery.

It is no wonder many Americans will resort to any means necessary to protect their homes, and families. There are a number of methods to accomplish a sense of safety. One method would be to own several dogs. Another method would be to purchase a gun. If none of these methods is an option, then most people will use an outside security service. ADT, Brinks, and Protection One are the most popular.

These companies offer security alarm systems to include CCTV cameras, ranging in price and services. Their charges might include an installation fee, a monthly alarm monitoring service fee, and a cancellation fee for early contract termination. Alarm monitoring is if an alarm is triggered the company electronically receives the signal, and they in turn call the customer, or emergency services.

For the fiscally conservative individual, alarm systems, and dummy CCTV cameras, can be purchased at any home improvement store, or via the Internet. Using self-installed alarm systems generally mean that when the alarm is activated, it is up to the individual to call the authorities. It is advised that mock CCTV cameras look as real as possible complete with a flashing red light. They should be elevated as to not be tampered with, and no one should ever know they are not real. In the end, a combination of alarm monitoring, and dummy CCTV cameras might be enough of an at-home crime deterrent.

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