Where To Find Work House Cleaning

by Concierge Matcher on May 11, 2010

Work House CleaningOver the past few years many unemployed people have wondered if there is an alternative career out there for them that they could start and make a decent living at perhaps using their skills without any further training. And many of these unemployed are women or moms looking to return to the workforce. One skill all these individuals share is experience cleaning their own home. So, logically the best alternative for these individuals would be to find work house cleaning or another job in the cleaning service industry. Housecleaning can be very profitable if one works hard and attracts regular customers. So, the next step is how to find the first cleaning job.

First the job seeker must decide if they really want a house cleaning job. Are they ready to work hard? And are they in good enough health to continue at the job on a regular basis? If the answer is yes to all the questions, then it’s time to find those first customers. The first step is to tell all friends, neighbors, acquaintances, that they are looking for a cleaning job. Ask them to query their friends to find out if they need a good cleaner for their home. Another good idea is to place a small ad in a community or neighborhood newspaper advertising for a cleaning job. And place a small notice on message boards at an apartment complex rental office, supermarket bulletin board, community center message board, to attract interest. And remember attracting those first paying customers might take some time. Don’t get discouraged. Keep confidence high and a positive attitude.

Of course, the job seeker needs experience and references to show those who are doing the hiring. So, it is a good idea to have a few references to show potential employers. Get started by cleaning a few friend’s houses for a small fee or for free. Ask them for references that hopefully impress those first contacts and help gain regular cleaning jobs.

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