The Festivities Lighten up the Atmosphere of Alicante Spain

by Concierge Matcher on June 17, 2010

Alicante SpainAlicante has long been known for its traditional Spanish festivities which run all year round and are a big draw for tourists looking to experience the true traditions of Alicante Spain, something that they cannot experience in a capital like Madrid. Tourists are particularly drawn to these festivities and many even participate in them and adopt, perhaps if only for an evening, the Spanish culture, lifestyle and history as their own. It is for these peculiar reasons that Alicante’s festivities stand out so much from their counterparts when Alicante’s neighboring cities and municipalities too hold these very same festivities.

And while Alicante is well known throughout Spain for its diverse and large scale festivities, what many tourists are often oblivious of is the fact that their Spanish hosts actually try their level best to fully involve and immerse their guests into the Spanish culture and Alicante’s festivities. A testament to this fact is that Alicante has an entire market dedicated to the purchase of costumes and crafts for such festivities, the Mercado Medieval, or the medieval market, is one prime example – festival costumes, medieval handicrafts and entertainment ornaments are all available here at very reasonable prices.

Some of the biggest festivities that take place in Alicante are the Hogueras de San Juan Festival, or the festival of the Bonfires of Saint John, and the Moors and Christians Festival. The Hogueras de San Juan Festival is a celebratory festival to welcome the coming of the Solstice, and is regarded as a spring cleaning or welcoming festival sometimes. The festival held is the biggest of its kind and is also regarded as the most important cultural event in Alicante and lasts from June 19th to June 25th. These two festivals alone attract so many tourisms that bookings for hotels during these dates often need to be done several months before hand as these are declared international festivals.

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