Important Things to Know About a Globe Drinks Cabinet

by Concierge Matcher on November 11, 2010

When I was a child and went through all the cupboards in the house I never quite understood the point of having a cupboard full of alcohol. As I grew a bit older I couldn’t understand why my parents wouldn’t want to finish all the drink they had. Things soon change and now I have enough alcohol to fill a drinks cabinet.

Finding a drinks cabinet is important because you don’t want to throw away good drink because it hasn’t been stored correctly. To keep alcohol fresher for longer you have to store it in a dry and cool place like a cabinet. It’s also great to keep a selection of glasses nearby too. When friends arrive it means that you can give them a nice drink while you sit down and have a chat.

Sometimes I have to use my good old friend Google to find what I am looking for. I sometimes lack inspiration and find that the internet is the place to find it. It didn’t take long before I found a group of display cases that I loved the look of. Glove drinks cabinets really caught my eye so I thought I had to have one them.

What is a Globe Display Case?

So who are these globe guys then? Well, I was sadly mistaken when I thought globe were the people who made these display cases. Globe drinks cabinets are made by a number of companies and they are made just the same as an atlas so you can have a look at where each country is and have a drink at the same time.

When you spend some time looking at the detail on both the globe and the stands that these display cases come in you will be pleasantly surprised. There can be a lot of information on the globes but as you would expect the price will match the detail.

For the people with a large appetite for parties and drink then you could head out and buy yourself a large twenty inch globe drinks cabinet which would store a healthy amount of bottles and some glasses too. If you are slightly more modest then you can get them in smaller sizes down to around nine inches.

Are Globe Drinks Cabinets Expensive?

They can be. Although if you shop around you are sure to find something that will suit you. Now that you have read about what is available you can imagine that depending on size and attention to details plus materials will make the price vary considerably.

Depending on where you go the price of a globe drinks cabinet will vary. If you are looking to buy a new one then expect to pay anything beteen $50 and $700 for the top of the range bar.

I love my globe drinks cabinet now that I have it. There is more information about them over at the food and drink site.

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