Fall Wedding Centerpieces: Take Advantage Of The Season

by Concierge Matcher on June 18, 2010

Fall Wedding CenterpiecesThe date is set, preparations are in hand and your thoughts now turn to your fall wedding centerpieces: what should we…? How should we….? What will it cost to…?   Here are some useful things to think about:

Make sure that your wedding theme is supported by the fall time of year, and vice versa.  A tropical theme is fine in the fall if the climate supports it, but as soon as your theme reflects anything out of season, the costs start to rise!  Keep it simple by ensuring your theme complements, not challenges, the time of year.    Similarly, avoid making choices that are more expensive at that time of the year because they are ‘in’. For instance avoid choosing flowers that are popular around Hallowe’en as, although readily available, these could be more costly due to a time of year mark-up.

Depending on where you are getting married, identify what colors are in that area in the fall season and see if you can come up with some ideas that use the color as a focus.  For example, if your wedding reception is in a rural setting, the changing color of the leaves could be central to your ideas – filigree tea light holders (with or without leaf cut-outs), for example, will bring the russet glow of the outdoors inside; if you are urban based, bring some country colors into play to help make the time of year a central and memorable part of your day: pine cones, are available throughout most of the year and can be created into simple but effective centerpieces with a little imagination.

When we think ‘fall’ we also think ‘harvest’, so consider planning your centerpieces at the same time as you decide on your wedding buffet or catering.  Any seasonal food choices you make can add to your ideas for centerpieces, for example if you are having fresh baked bread rolls, have some wholegrain ones specially baked in seasonal shapes, such as leaves.  Once cooked, they will be gorgeous, earthy fall tones and the whole-grains will add a seasonal texture.  Baskets of these on your tables will be eye-catching in their own right.  It’s worth discussing the idea of food as a centerpiece with your caterer.  Candy is also a popular choice – candy corn in glass containers topped with a seasonal flower posy could double as both fall wedding centerpieces and wedding favors.

But again, keep it simple.  Don’t implement all of these ideas, just pick your favorite – you don’t want your fall wedding mistaken for the parish harvest festival!

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