Bathroom Accessories: The Shower Base and Shower Screen

by Concierge Matcher on May 12, 2010

Bathroom AccessoriesThe two most essential shower accessories a bathroom should have are shower bases and shower screens. Showering in the morning helps a person feel awake, alert, and alive and ready to win the challenges of a new day. This is why homeowners should be meticulous about choosing their bathroom accessories.
A shower tray is basically a flat base that is attached under the shower, acting as the shower floor, to ensure that individuals are offered with floor grips and are prevented from slipping. This type of bathroom accessory comes in a number of different shapes and sizes. With the numerous choices for shower tray, people can definitely find a base that is suitable to the style of their bathrooms.

Individuals whose primary concern is to have a space efficient shower can purchase corner shower bases. A base with a size of 1200x900mm is the largest variety available for this type of shower tray. On the other hand, those who are after having a roomy shower area may opt to have a wet room constructed, wherein the whole space functions as a base. This accessory is made from many different materials like acrylic trays, stone, enameled steel, limestone, and ceramic.

You may select a bathroom tray that matches the color of your bathroom accessories. A shower base is often available in soft shades like cream of white, yet additional colors are available for the bonded stone range.
Another bathroom accessory is the shower screen, which is essential in blocking the shower spray and keeping water from escaping the bathroom. There is a large variety of bathroom screens available in the market and you can choose one that fits your needs. The three popular types of shower screens include the folding, bath screen, and frameless variety.

In order to have a refreshingly safe day, homeowners should have shower trays and shower screens in their bathrooms.

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