Wireless home security is now cheap enough for everyone

by Concierge Matcher on October 20, 2010

We live in an age of constant technological innovation and improvement. Over the past 10 years one of the most brilliantly and anonymous developments has been out of the wireless technologies. We see them everywhere in take them for granted wireless keyboards and mice, home wireless computer networks, remote controls and so on. One of the best applications of this technology has been in home security, where reduce costs have now made it very easy to put security cameras and motion sensors in places that would have been difficult before.

It is now relatively cheap to purchase an outdoor wireless security camera system from Amazon or other online retailers to less than $100. And that’s not even the bottom of the line model. It includes night vision and audio. For a few extra dollars most cameras can also send their signal to a portable LCD viewing device or you can have its stream to your computer if you have a wireless network already. Once on the computer there is a range of free software for monitoring and processing the images it receives.

A home wireless motion sensor alarm is slightly different. Because they do not have any audio or video to send wirelessly, the Wireless moniker comes from being able to activate them using a separate “keyring”. Once alarmed by pressing a button on the keyring they monitor an area for movement or changes in temperature (usually 20 to 30 feet away) and trigger the alert if any is detected. They are much cheaper devices with the very bottom of the range beginning at seven or eight dollars. Even devices with extra bells and whistles, such as dialling a phone number when they are triggered, can be found for $50-$60.
We can see from this that they ever advancing march of technology has some very real benefits to home security in terms of reducing cast for everyone casts and making technological protection affordable for virtually everyone.

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