How To Show Your Personality In the Decor of Your Home

by Concierge Matcher on October 15, 2010

Are the rooms in your home lacking something? Do you feel inspired while you walk throughout your home? If not, what’s missing is YOU! Adding a bit of your own personality to your living area can energize and add life to a boring space, making a house into a home.

Look around your home. What excites you? What inspires you? Do you love the outdoors? If so, invite more of the outside indoors. Do you love sailing? Incorporate more blue tones into your decor accessories and hang water or sailing themed art work to those boring and bare walls. Do you like to show off collector’s items? Why not invest in decorative corner china cabinets.

Find your style of decorating. Many times people just bounce around to whatever style is popular at the time. If you are adding “you” to the home you should decorate in a style that you enjoy. You can learn more about decorating styles by watching programs on the television or reading interior design magazines. Look for a design that you love and that fits your day to day lifestyle.

Add color to your world. If your walls are drab and you want them to feel fab, a fresh coat of paint can make a major difference. Color has a way of changing how you feel and look at the world around you. Whether it’s a bright cheerful yellow or calming sea green, changing the paint on your walls will definitely add more you to your living space. Paint is not the say all, be all when it comes to color. Try thinking above the bar and look through the many colorful kitchen sink mixer taps on the market.

Add greenery to bring your space alive. Silk plants or real life blossoms, it doesn’t matter, plants in your home are a simple way to add beauty to a bare space. Choose to display types of flowers that you love. For example, lilies and orchids are perfect indoor flowers. Adding a fresh cut flower arrangement to your dining table or foyer is a great way to add instant eye appeal.

Adding your own personality to home decor is a great way to breathe life back into your living space.

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