Your Father Daughter Wedding Songs For Your Wedding

by Concierge Matcher on March 25, 2011

father daughter wedding songsLooking at different father daughter wedding songs for your special dance with dad but you are stuck and lacking ideas?  There is a lot of pressure built up to choose the best songs for this event.  It is, after all, such an important dance and you want to avoid selecting a song that is cliche or overplayed.  You also need to avoid selecting one that is too off the wall, too fast, too slow, one that has strange lyrics, and so on.  It’s not like buying a catering insurance policy for the caterer you’ve hired, but a more personal choice that will impact your memories of this event forever.  Here are a couple of ways to pull that stoppage of thought out of your brain and get to some great ideas.

First, ask what dad wants to use!  He may already have a song in mind, so there is nothing wrong with seeing what his ideas are.  If the songs are too crazy or any of the above descriptions fit the songs, then you might need to gently let him know that you will NOT be using his song choices!  If his songs work, then you can stop reading and move on to the next of the five hundred decisions you need to make for your upcoming wedding.

If you need to find a song, you can start by asking your entertainment company, whether it be a DJ or band.  They should have some fresh ideas for you.  If not, you can always look online and search for father daughter wedding songs.  Another great way to search is to start with the music genre most liked by dad.  Classic rock, big band, swing, alternative, whatever it is, add that tag to the search string.  After finding some song ideas, be sure to review their lyrics by searching for the songs words so you are sure they are appropriate.

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