Xbox Kinect Games for the Family

by Concierge Matcher on April 9, 2011

Xbox Kinect games for the familyIf you wish to involve all the members of your family in a fitness routine with added fun then you need to get hold of these 5 best fitness Kinect games. This will save you and your family members the time wasted on the trip to the local gym and on the plus side, you will also have a fitness trainer to give health tips.

One of the best Xbox Kinect fitness games found in the market today is the Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout. Based on the theme of the television show with the same name, the game allows you to choose a fitness regimen according to your need. This game is easy to follow because of the trainer on the screen instructing you on the moves.

The Zumba Fitness Join the Party is the next fitness game conceptualized from a dance fitness program named Zumba. If you are the dancing type then the Zumba will use that potential to your physical fitness. This game is ideal for burning extra fat in your body and similar to the biggest loser, you also have a fitness instructor to guide your exercise routine. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is another Kinect gaming program that makes sure that you use all the body parts in your exercise routine in the game. You also have the choice of creating your own customized fitness program where you can choose a yoga class, martial arts or a personal trainer.

In Get Fit with Mel B, you can virtually train with the Spice Girl. The specialty of the games is that you get to exercise under the guidance of Mel B standing side by side. The Kinect Sports is another good optional gaming for over all physical fitness. Compared to other fitness games, this allows the use of the entire body more because of the various sports involved in the game.

Choose these Xbox Kinect games for the family members to maintain an overall degree of fitness at home.

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