Whole House Surge Protectors are a Must for Every Home

by Concierge Matcher on February 26, 2011

whole house surge protectorsA whole house surge protector will offer protection for your home from electrical damage as the result of an electrical surge. While many people are comfortable just using small power strips or protectors that are designed for a single unit, there are many benefits to having the protection offered to the whole house.

These protectors offer more protection against power surges than their smaller counterparts. They are also a more economical choice over time. Continuous protection for the entire house is perhaps the biggest benefit. Lightning and other uncontrollable acts can pose a huge problem for the electrical appliances in your house such as your computer, TV and refrigerator, and knowing that your goods are protected by whole house surge protectors offers peace of mind.

Power strips that you would typically depend on offer protection only against surges that result from common power swells. These strips are able to malfunction as a result of overloading. This means that the protection that users had from the strips become weakened or non-existent. Wires that have become frayed or worn from a result of a malfunctioning power strip also can lead to risk of electrical fire. Whole house surge protectors are able to shut off electrical equipment and your appliances during such power surges, and protect your home prior to damage occurring.

Also known as panel surge protectors or mains surge protector, since they are attached to the main fuse in your electrical panel, whole house surge protectors do cost more than a basic surge strip. However, when the little strips wear out, they need to be replaced. You also need to purchase more than one of them to protect everything in your house. For the peace of mind that it offers, the larger surge protector is the best value for the money spent; and you know that everything in your house will be ready for a power surge.

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