Where to Use Pink Curtains

by Concierge Matcher on November 12, 2010

pink curtainPink curtains are usually thought of as curtains for a girl’s room only, which is actually great especially if your little girl or girls love the color pink. Most of the time, your girls would want everything pink; they would want their bed covers, curtains, carpet and wall paper all in pink because they envision themselves as beautiful princesses living in their enchanted castle. What you could do to please them and not to saturate yourself with pink is to start collecting pink in different shades, designs, and kind of material. This will soften everything and not burn your eyes with the monochromatic colored room.

For the windows, get the baby pink sheer curtains; you can then look for wallpaper borders that have tiny unicorn prints. A pink curtain set would still brighten the room with the diffused sunlight which would pass through. It would give a pinkish glow, giving your children’s room a magical and enchanting effect. You could also put wallpaper with different sizes of glittering stars, but with a very light pink background. And for the bed covers, try checkered pink and purple. For her night lamp get a fuchsia color with prints of her favorite cartoon character. There are a lot of exciting ways to play with the color pink which would truly excite your daughters, particularly if you make them join in the decorating adventure; it would be a very memorable family project.

Even in the kitchen and bathroom, you could hang pink curtains; the success of this challenge of incorporating pink curtains in your interior decorating scheme would wholly depend on your talent.   If you don’t have talent, hire an interior decorator to assist you.

When it comes to your son or spouse, you could integrate pink in their curtains. How? Choose a plaid design. Dark pink color with navy blue, black or brown—a combination of all three colors will also do. Pink plaid with a mix of other dark colors denotes masculinity. So, be not afraid, your son or your husband will not reject it. Pink does not lessen manliness. Nowadays, men are not even scared to use pinkish shirts; in fact, it is already a part of men’s fashion.

With all these ideas now laid down, you could now say pink curtains are pretty-colored home décors that can be used everywhere, not only in girls’ rooms—something daring you might say, but you will definitely be glad when you decide to be daring.

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