Wheelchair Dealerships

by Concierge Matcher on March 29, 2011

wheelchair dealershipsBuying electric wheelchairs is not as simple as you think as there are many consideration factors before you make the purchase decision. As electric wheelchairs will play an integral role in the daily lives of its users, it is important that the device meets the needs of the users such as usability, comfort and maintenance.

When you are buying electric wheelchairs, the first brand that is recommended by other users or industry experts will be Quickie wheelchairs. Quickie is among the most reliable and cost effective electric wheelchair manufacturers and has a range of well received power wheelchairs. In America, there are quickie wheelchair dealerships in all the states so you will be able to locate an authorized seller easily. You can either visit the physical showroom and test out the latest Quickie wheelchairs with the end user or buying through the Internet which can sometimes offer better deals. It is advisable to try both ways if it is convenient, especially if you are a first time buyer of electric wheelchairs. Comfort should be the top priority when selecting a wheelchair and Quickie offers good back support for its wheelchairs. As wheelchair users are confined to their seats for the major part of the day, it is important to have proper spinal support to prevent long term injuries or side effects to their bodies. Alternatively, you can buy cushion gel to further enhance the support of the seat.

A matter of concern for wheelchair buyers will be the type of after sales support they will receive from the dealer. It is only a matter of time before the wheelchair will have technical issues. You need to ask if the dealer offers electric wheelchair repair and maintenance. Usually, these are included in the warranty when you buy new electric wheelchairs. You should try to get a longer warranty period either by negotiating or buying extensions.

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