What’s so great about Frameless Shower Doors?

by Concierge Matcher on November 1, 2010

Frameless Shower DoorsThe type of shower doors you use can say an awful lot about your bathroom as a hole. An old, run down shower curtain isn’t exactly going to present an image of class and cleanliness. Many people will contest that frameless shower doors are by far and away the most attractive way to keep water from spilling all over your floor. Of course they do have their problems which have put people off in the past. This article is going to way up the benefits and drawbacks of using frameless doors in order to determine whether they are a sound investment or not.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. In most people’s opinion there is only one thing wrong with these types of shower doors, they’re expensive. In a world where most people want to find a bargain these door really aren’t going to appeal to home owner’s like some of the cheaper alternatives will. Readers beware if you’re on a budget you might want to look at some other alternatives.

Despite their cost, frameless shower doors look amazing. They are by far and away the best looking shower doors and they can really add value to your bathroom. If you’re home is decorated in a modern style you will definitely like the look of these and they will complement the rest of your house perfectly.

The fact that these showers doors are primarily made out of glass means they don’t take much time to clean and the lack of frames means there are no little corner’s or seems in which dirt and grime can hide. A simple glass surface cleaner will more than suffice to get these doors sparkling and you won’t really need to apply it that often if you don’t want.

Another huge benefit is the fact that these doors are very reliable and are designed to last. Glass is much stronger than most plastics used in shower doors and they are far less likely to get damaged or come loose from the rest of the shower cubicle. You should consider purchasing frameless doors as an investment, not only will they add more value to your house if you decided to sell it; they will probably save you money on replacement doors in the long term.

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