What are Plantation Shutters

by Concierge Matcher on February 7, 2011

Plantation shuttersWhen renovating your home, the homeowner would inevitably come to choose what type of window treatment to use on windows. There is an array of window treatments out there on the market today but one type makes it mark on homeowners and experts alike; a type of interior shutters called plantation shutters are one of the best to be bought because of its stylishness and functionality. Plantation shutters consist of rows of horizontal wood slats with a single vertical bar running down the center. The vertical bar helps manipulate the shade whether you want to close or open it.

Plantation shutters have various benefits for the home. It helps with light control, by adjusting the shutters or slats to your preferred position; you can let as much light in or out the room.  The sleek design of the shutters makes it efficient enough for light to go in without blinding you and your family; it provides enough light to optimally illuminate the entire room. The shutters also help with the insulation because it is another layer of protection from the temperature aside from the glass panes and curtains. Some shutters are treated with special coating that it also helps with insulation. With the shutters providing with energy efficiency you can rely more on natural energy thus saving money of energy bills; a worthwhile investment for its uses.

On the other hand, these shutters also provide us with style and elegance. These types of window shutters provide us with a Victorian feel to our homes due to its sleek and simple design. the shutters are made of wood thus giving a warm and homely feel but not sacrificing the elegance to it. Wood can accentuate almost any type of home due to its versatility to adapt to any type of motif. To maximize the aesthetic value of these shutters, it is best to put them in living rooms, rest houses, terraces or anywhere light passes thru because light helps bring out the true potential of the room they are in.

Plantation shutters are one the most popular interior shutters out there because not only it gives you a lot of benefits but also upgrade your home to new level. A worthwhile investment for the homeowner if you ask me.

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