Well Fitting Rocking Chair Cushion

by Concierge Matcher on February 27, 2011

rocking chair cushionSince rocking chairs often have non-standard seats, your may want to make a cushion for your chair yourself. You will have to cut the cushion foam and the cushion fabric to make them fit the chair.  There are 8 steps to sewing a good tight-fitting cushion without wrinkles.  Be sure to purchase a block of cushion foam of the proper firmness
and density to fit the people who will be sitting in the chair, and find sewing instructions for the type of cushion you want to make.

First, measure the rocking chair seat and cut the fabric to fit it, making half-inch allowances for seams.

Second, cut the foam 1/2 to 1 inch bigger than the cushion cover on all sides. Over time, all foam gets compressed, so you want to start out with a little extra.  The best low-cost tool for cutting cushion foam is an ordinary electric knife used in the kitchen.

Third, wrap the cushion on three sides (the top, the bottom and the front)with Dacron batting .  This will soften the edges and take up the slack between the cushion foam and the cover.

Fourth, sew up the cushion cover, following whatever written or online instructions you are using, leaving one side open.

Fifth, wrap the foam insert with lightweight plastic.  A bag from the dry cleaners serves well. Leave a small opening at one end.

Sixth, insert the hose attachment from your vacuum cleaner into the opening in the plastic, and turn on the vacuum, which will suck out the air from the foam, and shrink it.

Seventh, insert the much smaller foam cushion into the cover, and remove the plastic around it, cutting or tearing it if necessary to get it out.

Eighth, as the foam expands to completely fill the cushion, close the fourth side by whatever means your instructions suggest–a zipper, buttons, Velcro, ties, etc.

Then drop the completed cushion back on your rocking chair, and enjoy some relaxed rocking with your new rocking chair cushion!

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