Volkswagen Transporter Series

by Concierge Matcher on April 8, 2011

Volkswagen TransporterThe Volkswagen Transporter Series has been a hit among nature lovers for nearly 60 years now and the Volkswagen T4 and T5 have been especially successful in the camper conversion markets that suits the needs of such outdoors type people. It can be said that the Transporter series is a dream come true for the outdoors-man because if you can think of a place to travel by land, The Volkswagen Transporter can probably get you there and sustain you there for quite some time as well, with all of the various living accommodations these vans can be equipped with. Volkswagen T4′s are great conversion campers with a number of 3rd party options you can install to make your traveling experiences memories you’ll enjoy.

There’s nothing better in the morning than waking up to the smell pancakes and if you’d like to cook in your van, there are cooking options available to do so. Dual gas cookers are quite common in the T4. You can even put a cooking grill right along with the dual burners. Many of the cookers come with shields that prohibit the splattering of oil and food as well.

There’s really no one who wouldn’t like to be able to head to the back of the camper and open up a nice cold refreshing drink, and again, the Volkswagen T4 enables you to do so. There are refrigerators installed in many that use a dedicated battery (which will last about three or four days), but they can also use the main battery or even an electrical outlet from a camp site if available. The refrigerators can usually hold about 16 8oz cans and a small ice tray.

Another great feature included in many Volkswagen T4 conversion vans is a sink/basin. They are usually fairly tiny, but big enough to at least allow you to wash items while you hold them to have them cleaned. Still, this is an invaluable feature to have in an automobile.

When it’s time to kick back and relax, just turn on the TV and pop in the movie, as you relax with your cold drink and some dinner. Common to the Volkswagen T4 conversion van are electrical plugs that convert the batteries power into electrical energy you can use to power your standard household electronics.

There are many other options as well, but these few should get you headed in the right direction as you start your search for that great Volkswagen T4 for you and your family to enjoy, no matter where go.

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