Using a Bar Stool Outside

by Concierge Matcher on February 11, 2011

bar stoolThroughout the summer months, people take advantage of the warm weather and the great atmosphere by spending time outdoors. Dining establishments that have outdoor areas become very popular, as do activities like backyard barbecues or parties on the patio. For these occasions, your friends or relatives should be able to sit and relax. While outdoor summer activities are mostly about having fun moments with loved ones, having a comfortable dining and sharing experience is also important.

The bar stool is perfect for outdoor settings; it is casual enough to blend in with the festivities, yet functional enough to provide welcome relief. Most outdoor bar stools are more elevated than regular house chairs so people can have a better view of everything that is going on. When selecting the right bar stools for your backyard or patio, you need to plan everything from height, materials, and features to pricing and style.

You will need to base the height of the bar stools you are purchasing to the area you will be using them. The materials of the bar stools should be ready for the usual weather conditions and elements in your locality. You also want the bar stools to be as comfortable and convenient as possible for use. Look around for stools with cushions or extra padding, swivel features, or arm rests, depending on what your house will need.

Maintenance is also vital so the bar stools will last a long time.  There are different cleaning and maintenance procedures for different types of outdoor bar stools. Usually, if it is made of metal, like an aluminum outdoor bar stool, it repels most stains and dust and is therefore easier to clean, but it is also more prone to rusting if not taken care of properly. Plan ahead about storage conditions also and how you can protect your bar stools from potentially harmful weather conditions. If protected properly, you can enjoy them again during those pleasant sunny days.

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