Used Vending Machines

by Concierge Matcher on April 3, 2011

used vending machinesA lot of people are hurting financially. Sure people who are unemployed are bearing the worst of it, but with increasing gas and food prices even those who still have jobs are finding it hard to get by. Who among us couldn’t use an extra $200 – $500 a month? Even just this little amount of money could make your life a whole lot easier and better. Or maybe you’re unemployed or considering a total career change, but don’t know how to make things happen when the economy is in such bad shape. A vending route may be just the solution to both of these problems.

Here are the main selling points of running your own vending route:

Time Flexibility – Most of us have jobs with set schedules that are set according to customer demands or the needs of our boss or business. Unfortunately very few of us have jobs set around our needs or wants, but how great would it be if you actually had a business built around your scheduling needs. What would that be worth to you? Vending is one of the few businesses with 100% flexibility, you work when you want to work. You choose the days; the hours and can change it to suit your ever changing life.

Minimal Capital Required – With most traditional businesses, you have to secure a location, buy expensive equipment or products, hire employees and jump though a whole lot of hoops to even get started, all of which usually requires a substantial amount of startup capital. Fortunately, none of this is required in vending. It’s a home based business and the machines are cheap. In fact, if you initially start with used vending machines, it’s quite possible to start a small route for less than $1.000. There is no need to invest a lot of money at the start, go slow and take your time while learning as you go.

Personal Security – It seems that a lot of us are at the mercy of our bosses and our jobs. How many people actually have a measure of job security? Most of us know people that have lost jobs due to businesses closing, downsizing, outsourcing or any number of things that are out of our control. Some of us probably even know people that have jobs, but have had their pay and benefits cut. With all this uncertainty, maybe it makes more sense than ever to consider starting your own business.

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