Use a Lawn Aerator for a Great Lawn

by Concierge Matcher on March 9, 2011

 lawn aeratorLawn problems are experienced by almost every homeowner. Common dilemmas that we experience with our lawn are related to a few of the following:  insects, lawn disease, infrequent mowing, lack of sunlight and watering. Another reason why plants and grass can’t grow properly is because of insufficient nutrients they get. Most homeowners don’t know that when the soil becomes too compacted , nutrients and water take a long time to absorb down to the roots. This sometimes results in malnourished plants and dehyderated plants. Your soil will become especially compacted if you have a lot of clay in it. One way to test whether your soil needs to be aerated is by watering the grass. If after a few minutes, the water runs into the street or puddles, this mean the ground is very compacted. This means the for sure you need to aerate your lawn.

Aerating your lawn can be done quickly and effectively using a lawn aerator . Aerating your lawn is needed for the soil on your ground to be healthy and to encourage development in the plant roots. Aerating can save you from replacing your withered lawns and can increase the effectiveness of fertilizers. The common mistake of homeowners is the thought of using the wrong type of fertilizer. There are many instances that the soil is unproductive to a lack of topsoil. This is especially common when a new home are built by a developer. The topsoil is scraped off and sold and you get stuck with what is left. That is why it is suggested to perform lawn aeration every once a year to freshen up your soil and to help build your turf. New houses should aerate twice a year for the first three years and also fertilize there lawns at the same time for best results.

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