Try Valances For Wide Windows

by Concierge Matcher on February 26, 2011

valances for wide windowsIn today’s market there are many places where a person can purchase valances for windows. If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for, shop around and compare styles and prices for each valance for windows that you can find. If you are looking for valances for wide windows, you can combine two or three separate ones together. Novelty prints are available for valances for windows children’s room.

Many local stores carry different styles and colors. If you cannot find what you are looking for, maybe a mail order catalog or an internet retailer will have what you want. The prices can range anywhere from $10.00 up into the hundreds, depending on what type of material is used, the style wanted, and how many it takes to fit your window.

There are hundreds of styles, some can be purchased only online. Before heading out to your local store, check online to see all the different types to choose from. You probably did not realize that you could spend hours just looking at all the choices that are available to purchase. The most popular type of top construction on the valance is the rod pocket. A curtain rod is inserted through the top and attached to each side of the window with brackets. A grommet type is used with a decorative rod that will be seen when hung. The back tab has material tabs in the back to put the rod through. The top tab is exactly what it sounds like, with the tabs at the top with the rod pushed through the tab. The pinch pleat is a permanently pleated style of curtain.

The style of the “Waterfall” is a very elegant and unique looking addition to any window. It can be made with one color and two or three sections of material. For a different effect, two or three different colors of material can be used. A “Blouson” can be hung alone or with another “Blouson” underneath. The blouson is to be stuffed with tissue paper so that a full look is created. These are only a few of the styles and types that can be chosen from.

All these choices might just put you into a state of confusion, but it is so much fun to redecorate. Everyone needs a change occasionally, and choosing new window valances can spruce up every room in the house.

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