Tony Horton One on One

by Concierge Matcher on March 27, 2011

Tony Horton one on oneI’m sure you’ve seen or known one of Tony Horton’s infomercials while watching TV. Your curiosity might be intrigued when you realize that it only takes 90 minutes for you to get a figure like that and yes, an extreme fitness workout that only needs 90 minutes of your time every day.

Tony Horton designed the Power 90 Extreme or more commonly known as the P90X Program that’s been used by all people from all ages. This fitness workout combines various exercise techniques that target different problem areas of the body and help you get toned and flexible.

The exercises which Tony Horton developed are entrenched on the concept of the technique “muscle confusion.” This technique allows all your muscle groups to continuously develop during various but controlled phases in the program. Also, it is proven that muscle confusion lessens the tendency of entering the plateau stage as it keeps your body constantly guessing for the next set of exercises, thus preventing weight loss plateau.

Aside from the P90X, Tony Horton also developed other fitness programs specially designed for people that have various needs for their body. For one, there is the 10 Minute Trainer that was created for people with busy schedules and can’t compromise their hours fro work or family obligations. It contains 10 minute routine exercises involving intense workout programs all fit for those who could not spend much of their time exercising. Another program is Tony Horton one on one, it is a series of individual workout plans also involving high intensity routines. It was later on renamed as P90X One on One.

In general, Tony Horton’s exercises focus on variety, consistency, intensity and flexibility more than others. His workout plans include a variety of exercise routines aimed to avoid injuries during exercise, plateaus, and boredom most of all. Tony Horton believes that the body gets bored if you expose it to the same routines every day. He encourages people to  spice them up with a little bit of variety.

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