The Right Time for Changing Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Belts

by Concierge Matcher on March 15, 2011

Rainbow vacuum cleaner beltsWater is used by Rainbow vacuum cleaners in removing dirt, smoke and dust. It traps horrible odor and molds through its use of filtration techniques. This vacuum cleaner increases humidity in a room and cleans the surrounding air as well. It is comprised of three primary parts. These are the vacuum bag, air filter and vacuum belt. Here are some ideas for you to learn when replacing the belt is needed.

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner belts functions by maintaining the efficiency rating of filters by compiling dirt and horrid odor sucked by the vacuum. The vacuum cleaner belt tends to break a lot because of the dirt that prevents the motor from operating properly.

If you hear a loud humming noise from the motor of the vacuum then it’s time to replace the vacuum belt. Most of us are not aware of this and we end up using the vacuum till the motor stops. This also results in damaging the carpet or any area where the vacuum was used prior to stopping.

A rule of the thumb is that the replacement vacuum belt must fit the cleaner. If it does, then switch off the cleaner and then remove it from the outlet to avoid shock. The pry open the plate which covers the beater bar.

Scrub off the dirt that accumulated in the interior and surrounding areas of the beater bar. Slip and extend the belt unto the beater bar so it can be linked properly with the shaft. Use a screwdriver in extending the belt to reach the shaft. Afterwards, put the plate back to cover the bar.

Knowing when replacing the belt will help you save and extend the life of the cleaner and your money as you won’t have to buy a new vacuum cleaner or pay a lot to have it repaired.

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