The Most Practical Floor: The French Oak Flooring

by Concierge Matcher on November 26, 2010

kempas wood flooringToday hardwoods stay on the top place of flooring materials. It isn’t surprising: when someone thinks about new flooring, the image of new shining wood floor instantly comes in his dreams. There are many good wood species that used for flooring now days. I personally have two favorite types of floors: the first is kempas wood flooring, and the second is French oak flooring, that today we are going to talk about.

French Oak is very elegant and beautiful wood. You will understand it when you first time look at it. But today we are going to talk about its practical advantages.

The oak can’t make any affection on the health of the people in the house. It is very human friendly unlike some other woods. People that have some allergies love this wood very much, because it doesn’t cause any reactions.

You may easily maintain this floor yourself. It doesn’t require special equipment and tools. It doesn’t also require any machinery finishes. To make the cleaning yourself make sure you have a damp mop at home. This is the only tool you need for keeping this floor shining. It will look like the new one.

There are two types of floors on the market you could order: Engineered French oak floors and antique floors. The antique floors is often gathered from houses, they were placed before, and other old buildings. If you want really unique and rich flooring, antique is definitely for you. It will make you home look like kings house: beautiful and luxury. The second type of French oak floors has also many advantages. It is not so expensive and is a little more resistant against moisture.

French oak floor has amazing kingly look. It is floor for monarchs and aristocrats. If you want antique and unique floor, that is very durable and looks expensive, stylish and rich, then French oak flooring will be the great choice.

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