The Best Way to Clean Large Rugs

by Concierge Matcher on March 25, 2011

large rugsAs much as area rugs add beauty and comfort to our homes, when they are stained or dirty they make the home seem dingy. These rugs do not need regular cleaning as this makes them wear out quickly. Most of them require once a year professional cleaning to make them look fresh and clean as well as ensure their life is extended. However, periodical spot cleaning is required to remove dust and loose dirt. Smaller rugs can easily be shaken outside to remove dust.

Cleaning large rugs is however not an easy task and cannot be done frequently. Before you start cleaning, it is important to clean the floor underneath the rug. To vacuum the floor, remove the furniture and rug. Put back the rug and vacuum the top thoroughly. Turn the rug and vacuum the underside too. Once this is done, take the rug out to a flat clean area for cleaning. You need to make a mixture of water and liquid soap which you should spray onto the rug till it is wet. Give it time to let the mixture sink in. Using a laundry brush, brush the rug using firm even strokes. To prevent damage, follow the rug’s nap directions.

To remove the soapy water, spray the rug with a garden hose then use a squeegee to press out the water. A wet/dry vacuum is also helpful at removing water from a rug. Leave the top to dry before turning the undersides too. Once the rug is dry, vacuum it again to renew its softness. This cleaning procedure applies to all types of rugs. However, there are different detergents and cleaning procedures that you could choose from ranging from powder, bonnet and shampoo. Cheap rugs require more attention compared to the expensive ones as their fibers wear out quickly.

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