The Best IRA Companies Right Now

by Concierge Matcher on March 28, 2011

best IRA companiesLooking for right IRA company is both easy and complicated. This is because there are a lot of choices and at the same time you would need to choose the right one for you and would be able to cater to what you exactly need.

The top IRA provider at the moment is known by all as Vanguard and is acknowledged by many as the company that has the best IRA rates. The fund holders themselves are the owners which makes it a mutually owned company. A good number of retired citizens have put a lot of faith in this company and has allocated a substantial portion of their mutual fund investments and assets with Vanguard. There are also many of those who appreciate the fact that this company does not charge so much for their services. They also offer a wide range of choices in index funds. If that is important to you, then you could never go wrong with Vanguard.

Another one of the best IRA companies is Fidelity Investments which won’t be what it is right now without the great management skills of Peter Lynch. Through this man’s leadership, the company was able to rake in amazing returns year after year. It is said that much of this company’s success lies on their research department which made it possible for them for better manage their funds. In terms of index funds, Fidelity Investments might come short on terms of variety especially when compared to Vanguard. They are limited to Extended Market Index Fund, Total Stock Market Index Fund, EAFE Foreign Index Fund and a Bond Market Index Fund only. However, their target retirement, known as Fidelity Freedom, is absolutely amazing. It is perfect for retirees who do not want to spend so much in fees and keep their cost low.

Lastly, T Rowe Price is a great IRA company that also offers low cost and effective management of your funds and investments. They are very conservative in terms of getting into investments that entails a lot of risk for their funds and assets. The company boasts of a cheap international bond fund that is quite rare.

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