The Benefits Of Flaxseed Meal And Flaxseed Oil

by Concierge Matcher on July 9, 2012

flaxseed side effectsFlaxseed meal benefits

Flaxseed meal is the finely ground seeds of the flax plant. The color of the meal varies from a light brown to a golden yellow, and the powder is sold in cans and plastic packaging. It is said that whole flax seeds are healthier, but when the flaxseed meal has been freshly ground and properly preserved, it can give all the fiber and other nutrients that you can get from the seeds.

Flaxseed meal has many uses, and probably its best known benefit is a good digestion. Eating the meal regularly is known to prevent constipation, for the fiber in the seeds keeps the stomach and intestine linings clean, promoting regular bowel movement. Flaxseed is also known for being a great source of healthy fats, such as the omega 3 fatty acids that work as antioxidants and fight off inflammation to better protect you from asthma, cancer, heart disease, and other disorders.

As powerful as its health benefits are, there are also known flaxseed side effects that occur simply by how the nutrients work on the body. Eating too much flaxseed meal can lead to an overload of fiber and may cause stomach pain and appetite loss. Expired flaxseed meal can also cause reactions like nausea and vomiting. Avoid going through this by consuming at most one tablespoon a day and making sure at all times that your flaxseed meal is fresh and clean.


Flaxseed oil benefits

Some people, especially those with digestive problems like intestinal blockage, won’t do well with consuming a lot of fiber, but luckily there is flaxseed oil to give you all the nutrients in flaxseed meal, minus the fiber content. Flaxseed oil is also known as flax oil, although it also comes from the seeds, and this essence is extracted when the seeds are cold pressed and release the liquid.

One tablespoon a day is a good dose for flaxseed oil, and this is best consumed fresh, such as drizzled on your salads and sandwiches or added to your dips and meals. Flaxseed oil joins the ranks of one of the healthiest oils available because of its rich polyunsaturated fat content. However, it is also very delicate and will easily spoil when exposed to light, heat and air. This is why the oil should be placed inside a closed container, in a dark cool place away from light. When buying flaxseed oil, choose bottles that are completely opaque

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