The Benefits Of Fireplace Doors: How A Fireplace Door Can Bring Your Room To Life

by Concierge Matcher on October 28, 2010

fireplace doors with glassThere is nothing quite so comforting in the family home as a nice cosy, wood burning fire. The fireplace is a device, that has been around throughout the ages and has not lost popularity in all these years. If you already have a fireplace, or are considering installing one, then there are many good reasons why you should strongly consider installing a fireplace door at the same time. A fireplace door offers several advantages over an open fireplace area, in terms of safety, efficiency and it’s plain, old-fashioned good looks. Fireplace doors can seriously spruce up an otherwise dull fireplace, and with a few brass fireplace accessories added into the mix, can have a significant impact on the aesthetics and appeal of a room. Here are some reasons why adding doors to a fireplace can have such a positive effect:

Fireplace doors on a wood fire, completely shield the opening of the fire, keeping potentially dangerous sparks and embers from flying out and causing damage or hard to the people sitting around the fire. While fireplace screens are a cheaper way of achieving this, they often do not block the fire completely rendering them imperfect.

Certain types of fireplace doors can make the fire burn more efficiently. Doors that trap air inside the fire allow you to control the airflow into the firebox where the combustion can be regulated, allowing you to control the level of heat given off. An open fire suffers from the fact that other rooms in the house actually get cooler due to the pressure effects of the fire sucking air into the chamber. A fireplace door nullifies this effect and the undesirable outcome. When the fireplace has burnt out, much of the hot air in the room can be lost up the chimney, (or the cold air in winter). A fireplace door prevents this from happening, resulting in a longer lasting lingering warmth.

There are so many different styles of door to choose from and if you have a standard sized fireplace, then choosing one should not be too much of a challenge. One of the best places to look for a door is online, as there are many online retailers that offer great prices on doors and will ship the item too you at a very attractive rate. If you have a non-standard fireplace, then you might need to pay a bit extra and have a custom fireplace door made up for you. It will be worth it, for nothing quite beats the look and appeal that an attractively designed fireplace door can offer to a room.

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