Super Mario Games with the Most Fans

by Concierge Matcher on March 27, 2011

Super Mario gamesThe long and proud history of Super Mario games shows that our little hero can do more than just rescue a kidnapped princess. Here are the best games with the most fans.

Super Mario Bros 3

Kicking off a great series is Super Mario Bros but among the games in the series, considered as the best one is Super Mario 3 with all the fun elements of Mario series fused in it. In the game, players have many options to choose from to destroy enemies such as the Koopalings and creatures from the Mushroom Kingdom. A map was also introduced in the game which can be used to select a world that the character wants to explore. Later on, this map became a standard item in the games that followed.

Super Mario Kart

The creation of Super Mario Kart allowed Mario to explore other game genres apart from the platform games. He started getting involved with racing games, sports, RPGs and fighting games. In turn, he eventually dominated the world of video games as he appears in almost all types of games.

Paper Mario 2: Thousand Year Door

The second in the series of Paper Mario games, Paper Mario 2 is touted as the best Mario RPG. This game has a very good storyline, makes use of several texts and features turn-based battle. In this game, Mario searches for the seven stars by exploring an island. The game also takes the interesting idea of Mario being made of paper. One of its consequences includes having a new enemy in the electric fan but being made of paper also has some advantages to it such as the ability to roll into a tube or fold into different shapes.

Mario Kart Wii

Nintendo takes advantage of the success of the Mario Kart and gives fans more of the series with the creation of Mario Kart Wii. Although it’s made the same way as the Super Mario Kart, it comes with more levels, suits and characters. Players can race against each other using karts or bikes and since the game is packaged with a steering wheel, they can concentrate on driving.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

This game is like a remake of the Super Mario Bros 3 but has an addition of more suits and hidden items as well as the return of opponent from past games. It also gives players the option to work together and up to four players can team up to win the game. It has everything that you loved in the Mario series and more.

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