What is a Stump Grinder?

by Concierge Matcher on February 1, 2011

stump grinder rentalStump grinders are basically used for removing stumps of big trees probably in your lawn or any place you wish to clear out. These machines are alternatives for basic chainsaw aside from the fact that it is humongous in size and it needs a lot of knowledge to operate. Obviously stump grinders are expensive when bought, hence a lot rental companies for big equipments like the stump grinders exist to help out those individuals who need the service of a stump grinder. However renting a stump grinder can still be expensive especially for some individuals who are up tight in their budget.

The usual cost of renting a stump grinder would range from $100 to$200 on a daily rate. This will depend on the size of the machine that you would want to rent. That is why renting a stump grinder is ideal for removing stumps for commercial purposes like land development for such. The price of the rent would depend on the size of the machine, small stump grinder rentals can be a bit less expensive compared to the big ones. If you are dealing with a tree that is smaller than 12 inch in diameter, a normal chainsaw would be enough to do the job.

A stump grinder rental is effective in removing stumps caused by dead trees. However before you try to rent one, you need to find a reliable renting company that offers the rental services you need. Insurance for your stump grinder can also come in handy in case you happen to hurt yourself or you accidentally hit a cable or a pipe on the ground underneath. If this happens a bigger inconvenience is shouldered not only on your part but also for the owner of those destroyed pipes and cable lines. So better yet grab insurance before trying to operate one.  You may also be interested in a log splitter rentals

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