Stress And Hair Loss

by Concierge Matcher on September 14, 2011

stress and hair lossAccording to science, the hair fall in men and women happen for the same reason and this reason is mostly stress and anxiety, or in other words, depression. This leads to hair loss, which means that stress and hair loss are interrelated. There are many things that could make a person anxious or depressed or stressed. These include divorce, the death of somebody very close, stressful environment at work or at home, weight loss to the extreme, pregnancy or even a surgery. Hence all these could be the possible reasons of hair loss.

What really happens due to all these stressful things is the imbalance of hormones. This hormonal imbalance is bad for the hair and a lot of extra tallow is made on the scalp. That is when one faces scalp disorders and it ultimately results in hair fall. A person is suffering from a lot of stress or depression might have one of the two types of hair loss conditions. The first condition is known as Telogen effluvium and is really common for those people who have to undergo a lot of stress and mental tension. This condition leads to sudden hair fall during combing or taking a bath. Then there comes a point when hair stop growing and a person starts to become bald. This whole procedure may take approximately two months, and the hair may eve grow back after some time, once the period of stress, anxiety or depression ends.

The other condition that leads to hair fall is known as alopecia areata. Here, the white blood cells of the body start attacking the hair follicles. Now in this case, hair fall may occur vitamin for hair lossthroughout the body but the most common area for it is the scalp. The condition can be recognized as small bald patches and they can have any shape at all but mostly they are in the round shape. This is a more extreme condition, where patches of hair start falling. The common reasons for hair fall in men are either hereditary, or because of bad nutrition or a result of stress. For women, it can be stress, or fragile hair. Women do not get bald but instead tend to have thinner hair. One can always take vitamin for hair loss solution after consulting a doctor.

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