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by Concierge Matcher on February 28, 2011

storage lockersRecycling is all the rage in our green energy-conscious society. That goes for materials or ideas – or both at the same time. Consider the many uses of items we grew up with but no longer put in regular use in our daily lives: Some items we once found useful as youngsters could still be helpful as adults – we don’t necessarily grow out of something if the size and fit are not at issue, right?  One such item that never goes out of style is that mainstay of school campuses, the utilitarian storage locker.

Young people are universally accustomed to using metal storage lockers throughout the day. Why wouldn’t lockers be just as useful at other times as well? Anyone, male or female, can use the added space and organization lockers provide. But the entire family might be well-served by adding a few lockers here and there throughout the home.

Children’s bedrooms can be great area to put lockers in play. Outfits for every day of the week can be separated and kept together by hanging clothes ahead of time in separate lockers, one set of clothes for each day. Video and music collections, books and toys, and other items in need of keeping together can all be kept out of sight, perhaps in plastic storage boxes with lids, but accessible in a pinch.

Lockers come constructed from various materials such as durable plastic or even wood. A multitude of colors are available as well. The assortment means you’ll likely be able to use one type of locker or another for your kitchen, play room, garage, or home office — even at the poolside or in your basement. Whatever your storage needs, a solution is never far from hand.

Lockers come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can easily fit against an open wall or a corner with sufficient room to add a suitable storage bin. Lockers generally are made rectangular in shape, but they can be vertical, tall like an armoire, or more horizontally configured like a cold storage freezer. Some open outward while others open at the top. Some lockers are designed to interlock or fit flush and side-by-side, so that you get more economy of use and little space is wasted.

If you’re seeking to store items such as gym clothes, which require ventilation, you can purchase units with openings that provide an open flow of air.

If you want to be able to use the lockers at home in a kitchen, play area or children’s bedroom to display items or simply to see what they contain at any given moment, select a design without doors. Such units regularly come in modular construction so that you can increase your storage area by bits and pieces as your needs increase for everything from athletic equipment, or art materials, comics, cleaning supplies, or utensils of every variety. The list goes on and on.

If your needs call for security, you can attach keyed or combination locks to some storage units. Keep in mind others come with built-in locks included. As with most items, your purpose will define your purchase. All you need to do is decide what your needs are, then go in search of storage lockers that best meet them.

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