Steps Needed To Install Your Faux Wood Blinds

by Concierge Matcher on February 18, 2011

faux wood blindsInstalling faux wood blinds is fairly easy, especially if you have installed other types of blinds inside of your house before. If you haven’t, you may want to take a look at some of the basic steps that we have outlined for you, that should help you get the new blinds that you have purchased hung without running into too many problems along the course of the project.

Step #1) Mark The Location Of The Brackets – First you will need to determine exactly where the brackets are going to be mounted inside of your window frame. You usually want to start by setting them into the frame at least 1/2″ and down from the top of the frame at least 1″, to leave space for the valance to be inserted.

Step #2) Insert The Blinds Onto The Brackets – Once the brackets have been marked, and mounted properly, you will need to insert the rail that is holding the blinds into them. You will usually hear a “clicking” sound when the rail of the blinds has been properly seated into the mounting brackets.

Step #3) Insert The Valance Onto The Blinds – After you’ve hung the rail that holds the blinds you will need to locate a small groove on the inside of it. This groove will hold the valance once you have attached the clips to it. Again, you are going to want to hear the “clicking” sound to let you know that the valance is held securely onto the rail of blinds.

Step #4) Make Sure They Are Snug – Now that the blinds have been hung, and the valance is securely attached, you will want to apply a small amount of downward pressure to the blinds to make sure that the installation you have just completed is held snugly on the wall.

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